Jeweled Wings, treasure beyond compare! Designer, Mother Nature does butterfly flair

~K. D’Angelo

Butterfly Images

—By Kristen D’Angelo—

Dance of the Butterflies

Tiny miracles flutter by
Enchantment adrift upon the sky

Charming patterns of hue painted on wing Melodies of seduction they do sing

Flowers, friend and foe are engaged Intrigue and fascination are waged

Spectators follow with captive eyes
The alluring dance of the butterflies

~K. D’Angelo

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A Shadow’s Dance

Amongst timbered
Shades of noon
Waltzing flyers sing

Flutters dark
Whisper glimpses light
Via painted wing

Aerial dramas
Stellar set
On terra verdant stage

Of graceful Angels
Canopies hint
Mysteries are played

Ever musing
A Shadow’s dance
Created from on high

Wishing I may
Chance to glance
The fleeting Butterfly

~K. D’Angelo

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