Butterflies are little winged mirrors, soaring gifts of reflection, flutterings of Love

~K. D’Angelo

Give with Butterflies

—On a Breath of Grace—

Working for the benefit of butterflies, you will not only bring some of their beauty and wonder into your own life, you will inspire others and help to ensure the survival of these lovely creatures!

Inspire Others

In the garden of hearts live, forever fluttering give…. Inspire healing and transformational changes for happier, healthier individuals, families and their communites through therapeutic butterfly gardening and education.

CrossBreeze Charities

Winged Inspirations through butterfly education & awareness... Supporting campaigns to provide resources for the building of butterfly gardens, CrossBreeze seeks to improve the quality of life by connecting people with nature. 

Shop Butterflies

Bask in the blessing of your day, let gratitude and kindness carry you away… A kaleidoscope of butterfly gifts to choose from, your purchase helps to raise funds for continued research, education and support of wellness for people and butterflies too.

Sweet Wings
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Read me a bedtime story, Tuck me in tight
Sing me a Lullaby, An Angel’s Kiss Goodnight

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—On a Breath of Grace—