Burger, Fries & Some Nature Please…

Fast Food Joint

Hold The Mayo, Extra Butterflies!


You don’t have to go far to experience the wonders of Nature, because, whether you notice them or not, they surround you everyday! I was reminded of this recently as I frequented one of my favorite fast food joints.

While sitting in the drive-thru, dreaming of french fries, I noticed a delicate tiger swallowtail sailing by. She glided carefreely past me and landed somewhere within a large patch of Plumbago.

Plumbago Blossoms

As I watched the swallowtail disappear into the foliage, the sweet n’salty fantasy of fries drifted from my mind and I began to think about where the butterfly had flown off to. What other creatures might be found hidden amongst the sapphire hues of the Plumbago plant?

Male Marine Blue

I mused over how many times I had sat in this same line, driven past this delightful spot, which was teeming with butterflies and other winged creatures, and had not even noticed it. Did others, who idled here, waiting to order their burgers and such, ever see it, I wondered?

With curiosity driving me, I cruised the drive-thru, parked my car, ate lunch, grabbed my camera and proceed to climb down a small slope to a spot where I could further explore this newly discovered smorgasbord of Nature. I was not to be disappointed!

Lady Bug

Waves of Marine Blues swirled about on afternoon breezes mimicking ocean currents. Opalescent n’ indigo males moved with soft n’ fair females. A Violet Dancer cut in. Blue-gray blossoms of Plumbago complemented the performers charming display of ebb and flow.

Violet Dancer Damselfly

A youthful praying mantis played camouflage with me. He turned his mysterious gaze my way for just a moment then vanished back into the verdant jungle from which he came.

Fiery Skippers quenched their thirst with candied nectar from cool blooms. The blazing red lady bugs who appeared failed to alarm them. Itty bitty Marine Blue caterpillars munched away at sea-colored petals as if to pay tribute to their namesake and an alabaster butterfly floated in like a tide of innocence.

Female Marine Blue

What appetite could not have been satisfied here, in Nature, where such a feast of diverse beauty was being offered? Having my fill and feeling most content, I began to head back up the hill towards my car, when one more irresistible course was served.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Out from the meandering Plumbago arose the lovely swallowtail that had first caught my eye. She gracefully circled, then set down briefly upon a branch to rest.  As she affably perched, revealing her magnificent wings, I could not help but think of how she was reflecting back to me the delicious banquet of creation I had just been blessed enough to enjoy.   KD <

Young Praying Mantis

Skipper Sipping Nectar

Marine Blue Caterpillar

White on Plumbago

Big Mac,


Quarter Pounder,

French Fries,  Icy Coke,

Thick Shakes,  Sundays &

Apple Pies….

Hmmm.. think I will take “Nature” the healthy choice instead!

Click the fast food clipart to learn more about California’s Butterflies,

(including Marine Blues) and download informational PDFs for free.

Bon Appetite from OWB!