I took a stroll through a local nature reserve and found myself being courted by this handsome male monarch.

At first he seemed like the shy and lonely type, as he circled me from afar, drifting alone on the quiet afternoon breeze.

Pink n’ plush Indian Milkweed helped set the mood, softening the landscape with billows of sweet and creamy cotton candy blossoms.

Gathering his courage the brave king of the butterflies flew in closer, alighting upon a lovely coneflower. He spread his wings and basked proudly, as if to eclipse it’s beauty.

This was such a majestic display and there may have even been a little romance, had I been a female monarch! Sorry fella. Thanks for the memories, but you had better fly off now and look for love in some other faces, starting with your own species! KD

Ascelias eriocarpa is a species of milkweed known by the common names of Woollypod Milkweed, Indian Milkweed and Kotolo. It is native to California and adjacent parts of Neveda and Baja California. It grows in many habitat types but thrives in sunny, dry areas. The female Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) uses this plant as a host and the males of this species can often be found fluttering around it “looking for love”…