Peek-a-boo…  I see you!

? caterpillar

I know I resemble a snake or a manatee but can you guess who I really am? Do you know exactly what species I will turn out to be. Leave a comment with your best guess, but hurry I will be revealing my true identity soon!

brown cat

I am starting to change… Do you recognize me still? I am a different color now but have the same melancholy lavender eyespots. I have turned brown because I am no longer grazing and resting upon green leaves. Now I am a stealthy climber looking for a place to safely switch my identity. I don’t want anybody to see me as I move about the dark colored branches.

chrysalis 3angles

Ok, I am guessing you may really have a hard time knowing me now. I have not only lost my lavender eyes but my legs too. Scary Looking Tree Bark is my new look, quite the trend in the Chrysalis World and camouflaging too! Hope you like it and if you think this is cool just wait until you see what I do next!

Pale Swallowtail

Oh, there’s a bit of chill in the air now and the days have grown shorter! I have a feeling if I emerge from my chrysalis at this time I won’t have any friends to flutter with. Think I will stay as I am over winter, patiently waiting, resting  inside my cozy shelter.

pale swallowtail

I will dream of the suns warm rays gently awakening me from my slumber. I can feel the winds raising me up to dance with the heavens. Upon bright wings, gracefully I will soar, adorning skies and embracing sweet flowers.  I am boundless and free as a Butterfly.

I am a Pale Swallowtail Butterfly
(Papilio eurmedon Lucas)

Look to the skies and watch for me and my friends, we will be in flight come springtime.