Ever wondered how to make sunshine? Mother Nature knows how!

Below is “her” recipe for the Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly…

Start with an itsy bitsy egg. Set it on the tenderest bud of a Cassia senna plant until it turns the color of sunshine.

cloudless cat tiny

Then watch closely as the egg comes to life and a tiny bright caterpillar emerges.

Let the little yellow guy munch away at the Cassia senna plant for as long as he likes.

cloudless caterpillars

Notice how he grows bigger and then begins to flaunt the green hues of his host plant.

He leaves just a touch a of his sunshine showing through in his stripe.

Now spy him turn curiously into the letter J.

And magically mimic a lovely leaf.

Then Voila, Out comes the Sunshine…


Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly (Phoebis sennae)